Everything you need to know about Halloween 2018

The scariest, silliest, sugariest night of the year is finally here. Americans take their Halloween pretty seriously, even if many of us don’t know exactly why we carve pumpkins, hang fake ghosts, hand out candy, or dress up like something dragged in by a graveyard cat.As it turns out, we’ve been wearing Halloween costumes for nearly two millennia. But we’ve added plenty of modern twists to this ancient tradition.To help you celebrate, we’ve summoned up that history, as well as a number of fun-size facts. (See cute photos of pets in costumes and more on the Nat Geo Kids Halloween Hangout.)Pagan ProgenitorArchaeologists are still unearthing Halloween’s roots at Celtic spiritual centers like the Hill of Ward (originally known as Tlachtga) in County Meath, Ireland. The holiday is descended most directly from the celebration of Samhain (SAH-win), the Celtic New Year observed between the sunsets of October 31 and November 1.Halloween Special: Real-Life Zombies

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