Both of NASA’s Voyager spacecraft are now interstellar. Where to next?

NASA’s twin Voyager spacecraft have been traveling the interstellar road for more than 40 years, sweeping past the giant planets of the outer solar system before heading to the very fringes of our sun’s domain. Now, one probe has achieved a milestone in exploration: On December 10, NASA announced that Voyager 2 has entered interstellar space, six years after Voyager 1 first crossed the threshold. The twins are the only two spacecraft ever to venture so far from home.To confirm Voyager 2’s exit, scientists analyzed data from the spacecraft’s Plasma Science Experiment, which measured the heliopause—the boundary between the sun’s protective plasma bubble and interstellar space. On November 5, the instrument recorded a steep decline in particles from the sun’s plasma. At the same time, Voyager 2 saw more high-energy particles from elsewhere in the galaxy, confirming that the probe had left our cosmic cul-de-sac.

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