Rodrigues and Slivova clinch Racebord European titles

Some will remember Raceboard European Championships for the great racing, some for the hospitality of the hosts at Yacht Club Dyje, Nove Mlyny in the Czech Republic and others for the weather. One thing is certain. It will be an event to be remembered.

The Raceboard atmosphere is something exceptional on and off the water. Anastazja Lewandowska, the Protest Committee chairperson confirmed this, emphasizing that the sailors were not too keen to protest preferring to solve the problems among themselves.

One thing we’ve learnt at this event, is something you would never think is true. The European Champion, Joao Rodrigues from Portugal, has never been in a protest. Unbelievable considering Rodrigues competed in every Olympic Games from 1992 to 2016.

So, how will Rodrigues remember the Europeans?

“After the first two days I had a good lead, yesterday I was struggling a bit. I was trying to cover my closest opponents, but the wind was so tricky, and I didn’t want to take any chances. I wasn’t very happy yesterday to be honest. I wasn’t planning my game, I was kind of lost, but today I felt free and the wind increased also, which made life much easier. On the lake, like this, it is very gusty and you really don’t know what is going to happen. You have to pay attention and look for signs, but I like these conditions and I like the challenge.

“The weather also played a role. The first two days were really hard, without the gloves, boots and hats we would really struggle. Today the weather is great and I’m glad it is this way, as my last memory will be this one, wind, sun, fine weather.

“How will I remember the event? – Every single time I had some time after the race I was always looking at the castle up the hill. I always like to find something that relaxes me and between races I looked up and thought about the view and what life must have been there centuries ago – and that will be my memory from this event. The castle, can you believe it.”

Quite a surprising memory from Joao, who dominated the event finishing ahead of another veteran Olympian Aron Gadorfalvi from Hungary and Borja Carracedo Serra from Spain.

An even more dominant performance was witnessed in the women’s fleet where the local hero Jana Slivova won all but one race. Second overall was Aleksandra Blinnikka from Finland and third Vita Matise from Latvia.

You can find videos, photos and full results on the event website and the class will be back with more action in July at the Worlds, which will take place in Germany during Warnemuender Woche.

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