EWOL at the Annapolis boat show: high-tech propellers and the new EnergyMatic on display

EWOL sailboat propellers are made of stainless steel super-alloys assuring the highest mechanical and corrosion resistance. Under sail blades feather to reduce drag, while micrometric pitch-setting allow to optimize thrust to lower RPM with consequent fuel savings. Blades flip 180° giving exceptional thrust and reduced prop walk while docking Dynamic balancing and a central pinion for blades synchronization kill vibrations.

Boat Review: Beneteau Oceanis 34.1

These days, when boats are selling like hotcakes, it may be tempting to sit back and ease up on the innovation process. After all, why spend R&D money developing something new when it’s easy to sell what already exists? Thankfully, Beneteau has chosen a very different path as it continues to …


From classic to contemporary, there is a VETUS ventilator to suit every taste. Silicone ventilators are flexible and will not discolor in UV light. Alternatively, VETUS cowl ventilators are available in marine-grade stainless steel. Attractive dorade boxes are available for every model of VETUS …


The RC series incorporates Maxwell’s latest stylish innovation in automatic rope/chain windlass technology. Following in the footsteps of the highly successful Freedom series, these windlasses represent the next generation of windlass evolution in every respect and feature Maxwell’s revolutionary and patented Wave Design™ chainwheel.


VETUS, a pioneer of electric propulsion, offers two compact, all-in-one electric-propulsion solutions: the E-LINE and E-POD. These plug-and-play motors free up valuable engine-room space and feature a unique liquid cooling solution, giving you maximum power and range, plus proprietary Active Electric Braking.