NRS Twin Tube Cataraft Cargo Floor

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High-strength woven mesh NRS Twin Tube Cataraft Cargo Floor drains quickly and makes a great place to stand.


For those who prefer to stand up every now and then. Constructed of high-strength woven mesh, our cargo floors are strong enough to stand on, and can support full coolers and extra gear.

  • The mesh drains quickly, so water won’t pool up at your feet.
  • Integrated grommets at the front and back help keep the ends from sagging while adding spreader bars (sold separately) will allow you to put more weight on the floor without sagging in the middle.
  • Note:When attaching the end grommets to a spreader bar, or other frame piece, lace rope or webbing through the grommets and over the bar. This spreads the strain on the grommets more evenly to avoid damage.
  • Sized to fit a cat frame with a 30″ center-to-center measurement of the two lower rails.

This floor will also fit the NRS Drop Side Rails, however, the floor ends up being a bit higher for your feet, which may interfere with rowing.

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